Meet The Team

Our Team Is A Perfect Balance Of Talented Creatives Who Have Worked In The Industry, Who Encourage & Promote Passion, Creativity & Success!

These are the people who will deliver the results to you:

Rosemary Lai (Founder) Simply Unique  Fashion Beauty Events PR Company


I am the founder of the Events Company. I have a vision that I could  create an organisation which promotes and provides a wide range of unique services, catering for every clients individual needs.

My work background consists of working in retail and I have  experience working in the fashion industry as an agency represented commercial fashion model.

I also had a lot of experience working in the TV industry working alongside some well established names in the industry. I wanted to provide an unique experience which gave people the wow factor! The actual buzz feeling which gets people talking about the well organised events they have attended.

Main Photographer

Robert Chowdry John RCJ PHOTOS


My talented photographer specialises in modelling portfolio and music events. He has years of experience in the industry and is a published photographer in the MEN, The Daily Mirror, The Sun and many more collaborations. He has a vision and shoots with a creative passion. I am proud to come into partnership and work with him as well as him being my brother.

Photographers: We also work in partnership with some of the leading photographers who have worked on Fashion Weeks and specialise in fashion and beauty photography. They capture outstanding images and video which makes the experience unique and amazing to see.

Make Up Artists: Our team of Creatives have worked on shows for London Fashion Week and Manchester Fashion Week. Plus many more productions they are recognised in the industry from there work with brands and working alongside industry professionals.

Fashion Designer’s: We work alongside new and upcoming talented designers and already established designers who showcase there own collections at our events.

We love to work with fashion and beauty brands and also showcase fresh of the high street brands at our shows. We try to work in partnership with them as this makes the company become sponsored and acknowledged in the fashion beauty industry.

I wanted to focus on beauty,fashion,food and music (entertainment), as these four interests were something I am truly passionate about. In today’s society the media portrays sometimes an unrealistic image of how we should look. I wanted to take these perceptions about perfectness and flawlessness and celebrate individuality and uniqueness. I wanted to change the industry views on the ‘perfect size’ ‘perfect model look’ and give ordinary models a chance no matter what their height, look or size was! I wanted to inner brace a change and start a revolution! Make a statement as well as a change! Giving opportunities for aspiring models who may not meet the entry requirements regarding height size or look but are still beautiful! I wanted to give opportunities for creativeness to be maximise and promote equality and diversity.

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