We provide a range of services to our clients and customers including; organising fashion and beauty events amongst other promotional services.

We provide an excellent amount of services relating to our clients needs. We cater for a range of services and are always willing to provide services to meet customers and clients needs. We provide a wide range of services and are always on the lookout for expanding our events and services.

We promote up and coming talent including fashion designers, helping them to network and showcase their own collections at our annual fashion shows.

This unique experience gives aspiring creatives and talented people the opportunity to get involved in events. We strongly believe in self promotion and promoting brands.

Some of our most exciting events and services we provide include:


  • Events Organisation
  • Fashion Shows & Beauty Events
  • Model Castings For Shows & Events
  • Aspiring Models Advice & Guidance
  • Model Training Workshops & Model Promotion
  • Social Media Promotion & Self Promotion Advice
  • Photo Shoots Service & Show Reel
  • POP UP Fashion Shop & Unique Photo Booth Experience
  • Fashion Design Workshops
  • Beauty & Make Up Classes
  • Industry Professional Event
  • Food Festivals & Nutrition & Fitness Classes
  • Music Concerts & Birthday Parties (Celebration Events)
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Beauty Positive Body Image Workshops
  • Networking Events

Simply Unique Now Presents Model Workshops:

We offer Three Main Packages:

The Model workshops are very beneficial as they offer models the advice and guidance on How to walk how to pose about walking with confidence and having the right body posture. We work with model choreographers who teach the top models in the industry to walk on a catwalk so its very worthy experience if you definitely want to do catwalk. 

Model Training

Have you ever dreamed about being a professional model? Do you lack the experience as a new model? Well Simply Unique Can help! CONGRATULATIONS! You’re heading in the right direction.

Model Workshops Start From £100

Model workshops come in three different packages depending on what you think would suit you:

Model Workshop One Includes: 

How To Catwalk

How To Pose

How to walk with confidence and show good body posture

Help with casting preparation

Model Workshop Two:

Model Promotion & Guidance

We promote models and give them the advice and guidance they need to get out there in the industry.

We pride ourselves to work in partnership with industry professionals and have the connections to all the local magazines, fashion week organisers, we work closely with Make up artists, photographers and fashion designers.

I am able to provide a list of castings every month if you opt for the model promotion we work with you on a personal level and get you out there! We will make it happen actual fact! I have been there and made it big within the industry.

I can guide and give opportunities and recommend you to clients.

I can provide a list of good agencies who I am signed to and who I am aware of and a list of who not to approach and what to do and what not to do within the industry.

We promote you and guide you throughout the process its not just a one off thing we offer its on going for how long you need our help.

Model Workshop Three:

Branding getting your name out there clever marketing and being able to say you are the face of a brand!

Putting you forward to model agencies getting you the prestigious modelling work out there!


Model Portfolio’s Now Available: 

Model Portfolio Service:



1-2 Hour Studio Session

One Hour Location Shoot

Make Up Artist 

10-20 Retouched Photos

Prints Available For Additional £50

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